House History

3019 McKinnon in Dallas TX.  was built in the early 1920’s and was/is part of a community known as “Little Mexico” not to be confused with the housing complex on Harry Hines and Wolf Street of the same name. Mom and dad purchased 3019 McKinnon shortly after it was built with “CASH” from a gentleman named Mr. Wattel.  3019 McKinnon has remained in the family since then. 3019 McKinnon is where my sister and I were raised from 1953-1963. In 1963 construction of the North Dallas Tollway began. The city took 13.5 frontage feet of our property to accommodate the toll way. At that time our neighbor’s houses across the street were demolished to make room for the toll way. The demolished houses were located on what is now about the 3rd lane of the North Dallas Toll way in front of my house. McKinnon St. was actually a dead-end street that ended just before the Katy Trail railroad tracks. In about 1963 we moved to a Dallas community called Greenland Hills... The “M” streets as they are known.

My sister and I have many many fond memories of our years growing up on McKinnon St. It was a blue collar neighborhood where there were PLENTY of kids to play with. I recall playing kick the can in the street with the neighborhood kids and dodging the Telephone Company trucks, HAHA ! You see the Phone Company had a warehouse that was located at the end of McKinnon St. near the railroad tracks

If you are familiar with the area today .. you may get a chuckle out the following...

The old HOOD has obviously changed QUITE a bit since the late 50’s early 60’s. There was NO Balfour Beatty Construction Building. The building location was actually a wooded area that we played in. The wooded area backed up to the railroad tracks. I recall there was a drainage tunnel under the railroad tracks that made convenient passage to  Reverchon Park. There was no Topaz development. Pearl St. actually cut through what is now the Topaz to Ivan St. The Topaz site was all housing.. as was all of McKinnon, Pearl, and Bookout streets.. What is the Balfour building today was actually the site of the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company warehouse. How can we forget when Harry Hines was actually the main highway to and from Dallas.. Highway 77... a perfect location for the Town House Motor Inn which was located at Wolf St. and Harry Hines. It was a very large complex that occupied two city blocks on either side of the 2900 block of Harwood St. From Wolf to Randal. When it was demolished I was fortunate to acquire many items from the Town House that are now part of 3019 McKinnon St. The round window on the front dormer of 3019 today was part of the Town House Motor Inn, it was located between the bar and the dinning area.. If that window could only talk.. HAHA.... the round window on my garage also came from the TH.. as I recall the two small port hole windows I acquired overlooked the swimming pool from the dinning room... a large bathroom sink from one of the TH suites, and many other items. Incidentally, I am looking for old photographs of the Town House Motor Inn; if you have any please email me.


Little Red School House?

Baptist Church on McKinnon St.?

Tortilla Factory on Wolf and Harwood?

Dallas Tortilla Factory in 2800 block of Harwood?

All mom and pop grocery stores in Little Mexico?

Bar on corner of Harwood and Ivan?

McKinnon dead end street at Katie Trail?

Gas station on McKinnon St?  YUP!  Gas Station

Automobile body shop on Harwood street?

Catholic church on Harwood?

Corner of Jack St and Harwood St?

WFAA CH8 was located on the CH13 site

Samon Center was a Water pumping station

Cob Stadium on the Infomart site


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1950ish pics of actual McKinnon St houses before toll way, soon to be posted.